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Jodi and Brett Bainter learned first hand how quickly life could change when their son Jake lost his leg above the knee in a lawn mower accident in 2004. The Bainter story is complicated as the lawn mower did not amputate Jake’s leg at the time of the accident.


Subsequently, the famliy would spend the following 4 years, trying to restore and save Jake’s leg. He endured 15 limb salvage surgeries in that short period of time. As his childhood passed, the Bainter’s were forced to face the inevitable.


On February 19, 2008, Jake underwent his 16th surgery, and became and above the knee amputee. Jake, was just 8 years old.


In 2012, Jodi published Make it Morning hoping to inspire others.

And slowly through sharing their story, they became a refuge for other lawn mower accident families.


“During the time of our accident, I was told it was a freak accident. But continued to learn of accidents year after year,” Brett said. “Even though our accident happened a long time ago, the pain never goes away. We just felt like we could no longer stand by and meet families after the accident. We decided to do something.”


In July of 2015, the Bainter’s gathered thirteen lawn mower accident families and survivors – from over ten states –together in Central Florida to film a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about lawnmower safety. Today, they continue to focus on spreading the word, joining lawnmower families victims from around the world - with the only hope of keeping kids safe.


If you would like more information on the Bainter's story

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